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Tauranga Cowboy Plumber Fined

Defective plumbing work has the potential to cause disease and serious damage to the home which is why plumbing, gasfitting, and drainlaying are regulated trades in New Zealand - to protect public health and safety.

Last year, a cowboy plumber from Tauranga was fined $2000 for illegally installing a hot water and central heating system in an Auckland home.

Meisara Ansawi, who had never been registered or licensed as a plumber, installed a domestic hot water and radiator central heating system at a home in Auckland.

Mr Ansawi did not isolate the radiator system from the domestic hot water supply with a backflow prevention device. This is contrary to the manufacturer's specifications and placed the occupants of the residence in a position of significant risk.

Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board chief executive Max Pedersen said the system was installed in a way that it created a risk of non-potable or chemically treated water entering the property's hot water system. A pressure relief valve installed by Mr Ansawi discharged water inside the dwelling, when it should have been discharging water to a safe position outside the building.

In addition, the hot water cylinder was not able to heat water to 60°C, the minimum legal requirement. This created the potential for legionella or other bacteria to affect the domestic hot water supply.

All authorised tradespeople are required to carry their current authorisation card and Mr Pedersen urged consumers to ask tradespeople for this card before engaging them so they can be confident that the work will be done by an authorised and competent tradesperson.

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